1. Will you default in our dealing, once you receive my payment?

No, we are an established organization with 13 years operation record. We supply to whole Malaysia and Singapore.

2. How do I know you have dispatched the order to me?

We will email an order details to you once we received the order.

3. How long I have to wait to receive my order?

It will take 2 to 7 business days for finish the good item,if custom made then item will need 7 business days for production and 3 business days to courier.

4. Do I have to order the minimum order quantity?

Yes, you have to follow the minimum order policy for each product. As long as you reach the minimum quantity per item, you can order any quantity.

5. Can you guarantee the delivery date?

Yes, we are having an ex-stock for those item that order.

6. How do you deliver my order?

We will deliver them to you via a reputable courier company.

7. Do you sell worldwide?

We focus on Malaysia and Singapore market, but for an area outside Malaysia and Singapore we will email the quotation for you. As we need to provide an accurate freight cost and bank charges to you.

8. How can I be sure my order in good condition?

It is simple. You just follow our procedure step by step. If there is any problem with your order,our e-commerce support staffs do monitor the website daily and will inform you, and we will also notify you by email once your order comes in.